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UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-01-02-2021-Ive always hated showering alone. Wont you join me so Im not so lonely
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-01-05-2021-Another freebie for you guys. Any tips help out a lot Finally got to see Mr. Navy man this morning after a month of not being able to see each other. Iv
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-01-12-2020-Been away for too long, sorry I havent been posting for a while....this season has really got me unmotivated So heres a little video I made for you guys.
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-02-04-2021-So Ive been a bit busy with my new hobby, which is why I havent been posting much lately. But here it is.....welcome to my indoor plants and all their beauty I
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-02-06-2022-Lets have sex to this song and let me ride that big cock daddy as I bounce up and down your cock nice and slow getting you harder and harder as you get closer to
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-02-10-2020-
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-02-10-2020-Halloween is coming. Any ideas on what you guys wanna see me as
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-03-10-2020-Cant resist this song, it always makes me wanna dance Im about to post a series of pictures I did myself tonight...kinda went crazy on it lol
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-04-06-2021-A little sneak peak of me in reverse cowgirl riding Mr. Navy mans thick cock going so deep inside me. I love when I get to have control of how deep I can have his
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-05-10-2020-Just enjoying my day off to some fun music and some nice sunshine
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-06-01-2021-Switching my positions for you....
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-06-10-2020-I could be your fantasy....
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-08-06-2021-JERKED OFF 6 TIMES TODAY NOW, what is happening Just finished cleaning up my big mess again, but look at my balls....they still seem so full and plump full of cum
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-03-2022-Feeling pretty damn cute today This whole Androgynous look Im going for seems to be working pretty well because I barely get called a guy these days, more people
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-06-2021-Finally
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-06-2021-I forgot about this video my other fuck buddy recorded of him fucking me doggystyle. Another big dick daddy that I cant get enough of. A huge bonus for me is that
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-06-2021-Im really starting to appreciate white on me these days. I used to HATE wearing white tbh What do you think
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-07-2021-So my sister has always wanted to do my make up and she was feeling under the weather so I decided to let her do my make up but to stay subtle about it....what do
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-09-10-2020-Its been a while since Ive last smoked pot. Always so nice to smoke after a long day at work
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-10-01-2021-Lol oh snapchat thanks for letting me know that this is not the look for me......or is it
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-10-10-2020-Just on my way to work, todays gonna be a great day and I hope everybody does too (This took forever just to upload, frustrating lol.)
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-10-2020-Good morning lovely
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-10-2020-Lets smoke a bowl together Im a pretty simple guy that just likes to relax and have a good time after work.
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-11-2020-As cheesy as this song is for people, the words couldnt be more accurate when you date me as long as you treat me with respect of course. Plus there will always b
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-11-2020-Fuck crazy exs Some of them can be so damn obsessive and all over the board with their emotions. Cant I just be left alone please
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-11-2020-Ive always wanted to try and be a stripper at a strip club for at least one night but have always been too shy to do so..but what do you guys think Would you tip
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-11-11-2021-Slowly trying to get back on that work grind. Lifes getting expensive again, show some love yall and let me know what you wanna see and Ill do what I can to mak
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-12-05-2021-A long overdue haircut, finally It feels so good, and now I can really see how long my hair is getting. Its truly getting there, almost to the point where Ill f
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-12-10-2020-Heres the free version of it
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-14-03-2021-Ordered my very first vibrator, whos ready to have fun with me Remember, tips make me Hornier
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-14-08-2021-I wanna have passionate sex to this song....
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-14-10-2020-Good morning world, another beautiful and happy day I hope everyone else is having the same positive vibes
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-15-10-2020-And this is just me trying a TINY piece of this chip....WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Btw I already cant handle spicy foods to begin with so excuse me acting like a litt
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-16-10-2020-I just wanted some ice cream...but I have to do what before I get it ......... Shits and giggles with my ridiculous friends. My friends laugh
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-16-12-2020-
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-17-01-2021-I think everyone deserves a freebie once in a while so heres a POV blowjob. It was so hard to fit this THICK cock in my mouth, omg .....
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-17-10-2020-Good afternoon, hope youre all having a wonderful day. Lovin my new place so far so its been refreshing
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-20-05-2021-Got food poisoning 2 days ago and felt like absolute shit but finally feeling better now and feel so much happier after finally fighting this off. Enjoy a little b
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-20-10-2020-Heres a little teaser video before the real action began.... Daddy eating my ass out while I use his face as a chair. He ate me out soooo damn good too
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-01-2021-Let me tease you with my curves, and show you how Id be riding your cock as I work for that hot cum to shoot all deep inside me where it belongs. Interested
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-02-2021-That time Mr. Navy man and I met up at a sex shop and went into one of their booths to fuck because his place wasnt free. Small space but still hot and as always
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-02-2021-Wanna fuck me in these Another all time favorite new underwear I received as a nice gift. Help a guy out with a nice tip please and thank you. I love and apprecia
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-10-2020-A perfect way to end my night, yaaassss
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-10-2020-You know Im always dancing right
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-21-11-2020-Been a while since I last posted. Missed you all, just been a rough time with this season weather for me so I might not post as often. Come cuddle with me in the m
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-22-10-2020-Love me some K Pop music to start my day
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-23-01-2021-Felt like dressing up at work today, love my flamingo shirt
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-23-05-2021-Remembered this song from way back in my high school days. Omg how I loved this song and dancing to it all the time with my friends haha
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-23-05-2021-So this happened today....Im so sad about my poor baby and now I need to get a brand new windshield replacement. I found a guy who can help me get a replacement b
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-23-09-2020-Keha is life
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-23-10-2020-Got my haircut done yesterday
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-04-2021-Its my birthday today.......The big 3 0....yikes But come spoil me lovelys and Ill be sure to send you a video of your choosing in your DM
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-05-2021-How does this grow light make me look haha Just finished repotting some of my plants and had such a productive day molding my bedroom to eventually look like my d
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-05-2021-Im gonna miss Mr. Navy man, hell be moving this coming month so Ill only get to see him 2 more times. I dont know what Im going to do, I was addicted to him h
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-05-2021-What do you wanna do with this hungry ass of mine He wants to ride dick so bad right about now
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-06-2021-Not as sappy as I used to be back in the day but this song came up and thought to myself with Mr. Navy man and how I wont be seeing him for a while since hes mov
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-07-2022-I love how long my hair is finally getting .......now just a bit longer until its ready for a new style
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-09-2020-I miss going to clubs...fuck this pandemic
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-10-2020-Hey everyone Great news for all you straight and bi men out there....I convinced my sister to make an Onlyfans account. So if you guys like what you see on my pag
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-10-2020-Im in my cat onesie, horny and ready for my boy pussy to be taken advantage of.....wanna rip this off me so we can make this happen
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-24-11-2020-Check out my PPV videos, cut prices for the holidays Stay wet everyone
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-25-04-2021-I didnt know I had my own company of Almond Butter lol. BTW this stuff is fucking delicious, just a little too speedy for me...but I had to just to try it
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-25-06-2021-My last time seeing Mr. Navy man for a while due to him moving further away from me. Im really sad, but at least he got to record that skill of mine that he loves
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-25-09-2020-I guess its time to start getting back into shape...but letsdo it in style
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-25-10-2020-Good morning everyone, hope yall are staying wet
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-26-03-2021-Sorry for being MIA for so long everyone. As my apology here is a freebie video for everyone to enjoy. Been pretty busy lately so I havent had much time to post m
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-26-05-2021-Oh I cant even with this song, let me just take this towards a different direction real quick...lmao
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-27-06-2021-Its 4 AM and for some reason just cannot fall sleep....what is wrong with me Haaallllppp
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-27-12-2020-Oh how this song takes me back to good old times
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-28-01-2021-Lets get high together, eat a bunch of snacks while we Netflix and Chill
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-28-09-2020-Oh this song
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-28-09-2022-I dont know why I didnt get into lip stains sooner but damn they sure do make my lips so cute, Im absolutely in love with them now
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-28-11-2020-Made Green Bean Casserole for my first time as a late Thanksgiving dish. And might I say it turned out amazing in taste and texture. Definitely making this again
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-29-06-2021-Just a quick fuck before work with one of my favorite daddies ..........PS, dont mind my cut that I left on top of my ass, I just cut myself shavin
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-30-06-2021-The glow up filter on Tiktok.....I know I already have feminine features but with this added....uhhh how much do you think I could pass up as a real girl Lmao
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-30-09-2020-
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-30-10-2020-Heres a freebie of me gagging on daddy thick cock. He loves it when I do this, mmmm So your turn then .......Tips would really help ri
UbiqFile Video:carbonatedgem-31-10-2020-Good morning
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